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self-empowerment for life through the senses

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Breakthrough’s state-of-the-art multi-sensory room offers a patient-centered

haven of comfort.  Multi-sensory rooms provide opportunities for client-centered

exploration of the senses helping the person to feel empowered and better regulated through interactions with the therapist.

​​This specifically designed sensory room provides a powerful tool for use in substance abuse rehabilitation as it provides opportunities for addressing triggers, stress management, and self-regulation allowing clients to focus on overcoming barriers to community re-entry. It also provides a deeply supportive environment to assist in acquiring, learning, and implementing mindfulness-based approaches to life and recovery. 

The program is facilitated in our multi-sensory room by the LifeSkills11™ Occupational Therapist. The therapist is uniquely trained to recognize the effect that the substance abuse/mental health challenges has had on the occupational functioning of the individual and the family.​​

~~A Place for Hope and Healing~~


​​Often during the cycle of addiction‚ a person has fallen out of routine. They experience chaos in their day and they are unsure of how to regain healthy structure and habits. 

We are all sensory beings bombarded with input coming in from the environment through our senses. This sensory input can be challenging for persons with mental illness and persons recovering from drug/alcohol addiction.