Intensive Outpatient (Level 2) Treatment:

Breakthrough Recovery Group is a premier provider of evidence-based addiction treatment. Our programs address not only the addiction, but also the underlying issues that may have advanced or reinforced drug abuse.

We focus on a holistic approach to recovery by striving to bring the newest and most sought after treatment components into our program to assist all individuals. That is why here at Breakthrough Recovery Group we provide our clients with massage therapyacupuncture and sensory integration.

We are the only outpatient agency in the state of Washington licensed and teaching Brené Brown's  The DARING WAY & Rising Strong curriculum on "Courage, Shame, Vulnerability and Worthiness" in treatment services. ​

  • Individual therapy & Group therapy 

  • Relapse Prevention, Life Skills & Financial Coaching/Mentoring

  • Family Program and couples education and recovery support

  • Trauma informed care  for clients that are dealing with stress, traumatic memories or PTSD symptoms.
  • Holistic Care addressing body, mind and spirit through Massage Therapy & Acupuncture
  • Nutritional  Education & Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

  • Utilization of community-based sober support

Outpatient services are designed to support abstinence and ongoing recovery as patients manage demands of work, relationships, family, and recovery with minimal disruption to their daily lives. Outpatient treatment services also based on individualized treatment planning that include at least three direct contact hours per week.

​​Our Partial Hospitalization Program is highly individualized and designed for clients who are enduring the difficult process reintegrating into their communities. Clients will have extensive clinical contact through group and individual sessions allowing each individual to build their recovery skills and coping strategies in order to identify the core issues that are fueling their addiction.

​​Intensive outpatient services are designed to help patients achieve and maintain sobriety while remaining in their work and home environments. This is a concentrated and focused program based on at least nine direct contact hours per week.

All of our treatment programs are comprised of individualized treatment planning services that include the following services:

Addiction affects every part of who we are and how we interact with those that love us; addiction affects families in very similar ways as the person that is struggling with substance abuse. These group and family sessions provide a safe and structured setting where open sharing can begin a personal journey of healing through exploring themes common to a family in recovery.  Our goal is to empower the family and clients to discover together the power of healing and a life free from addiction.


Family Education and Support Program:

Outpatient (Level 1) Treatment:

~~A Place for Hope and Healing~~

Evaluations are the core tool used to accurately identify and understand the substance abuse problem and make an individualized treatment recommendation.  All alcohol/drug treatment agencies require this evaluation prior to being admitted to any treatment program.


Mental Health Evaluations & Treatment:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP):

(509) 927-6838

Our mental health program consists of integrated screening, assessment, treatment, and referral for co-occurring disorders (COD). Our integrated assessment will assist in 1) making a formal diagnosis; 2) evaluating the level of functioning; 3) determining the individual's readiness for change; and 4) making initial decisions about appropriate level of care. 

Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol Evaluations:

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